quantumrock Absolute Return named top-3 AI investment strategy by Handelsblatt

We are thrilled to share that our AI investment strategy, quantumrock Absolute Return, has been named one of the top three performers amongst AI-controlled investment funds by the renowned Handelsblatt. This recognition is a testament to the tireless efforts of our team and the incredible technology that powers our proprietary AI Platform.

quantumrock Absolute Return has shown an average yearly performance of +9.8% since its inception in July 2016. It returned +3.7% in the last twelve months and +20.0% in the three years before January 2023 (before fees). Those numbers reflect the strategy’s significant outperformance of its competitors and would have ranked it first if Handelsblatt had used our reported returns.  

Our AI Platform is designed to adapt to market changes and make data-driven decisions based on real-time analysis. This allows us to identify profitable investment opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed by traditional investment methods. We believe that our approach, which combines cutting-edge technology with deep financial expertise, represents the future of our industry.

We want to extend our thanks to our clients and partners for their continued support. We remain committed to providing innovative investment solutions that deliver value and help our clients achieve their financial goals.

About quantumrock

quantumrock is a pioneering financial company dedicated to unearthing new asset classes for professional and institutional investors. With a focus on gemstones as a viable asset class, quantumrock offers unique, asset-backed investment products. The company’s innovative approach and robust, scalable Luxembourg-law compliant investment platform aim to securitize assets and launch compelling exchange-listed investment products.

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