Institutionalizing Unique Alpha Sources

quantumrock is an AssetTech company differentiating through a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Platform tapping unique alpha sources to create the highest quality, institutional-grade investment solutions in equities, volatility, fixed income, hard assets, factor investing and roboadvisory


Improving the World of Traditional Asset Management

quantumrock is Adding Alpha

quantumrock is an AssetTech company developing advanced tech solutions for asset management as well as client-specific investment products from unique alpha sources. The firm’s proprietary, cutting-edge AI Platform turns the time-consuming and error-prone process of finding new alpha sources into a scientific, automated, and scalable operation. 

The Platform is at the core of various tech concepts such as ChatAM – the first generative AI-powered chatbot for asset management – and an advanced Portfolio Builder as well as the company’s unique approach to factor investing.

quantumrock’s client base and partners are spread across the globe and range from large multinational banks to local family offices and technology companies. The firm is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and comprises 18 international deep tech engineers, capital market experts and top international executives from the banking and technology industries as employees and advisors.

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