Technology Solutions

quantumrock´s proprietary, cutting-edge AI Platform turns the time-consuming and error-prone process of finding new alpha sources into a scientific, automated, and scalable operation. The Platform is at the core of various tech concepts such as ChatAM – the first generative AI-powered chatbot for asset management – and an advanced Portfolio Builder as well as the company’s unique approach to factor investing.


ChatAM is the first generative AI-powered chatbot that can provide comprehensive insights for Asset Management. By combining proprietary data from quantumrock’s AI Platform and a multitude of public data with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 large language models, investors and asset managers are able to get, for the first time, advanced investment insights delivered in a user-friendly conversational format.

ChatAM Subscription

Our cutting-edge chatbot technology is the perfect solution for investment professionals and investors looking to stay ahead of the game in asset management.  

Our AI Platform does all the heavy lifting while users can enjoy a wealth of information at their fingertips, from market predictions to performance analysis, without having to sift through endless amounts of data.

Client Chatbots

Introducing our state-of-the-art white-label chatbot designed specifically for banks and other financial institutions. Our chatbots provide personalised responses to client-specific questions and support our clients in their sales activities.

With our cutting-edge chatbot technology, financial institutions can significantly enhance their customer service offerings while reducing operational costs.

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Factor Investing Solutions

Factor investing is a widely popular investment strategy that seeks to construct portfolios based on factors that have historically driven returns in the market. While this strategy can potentially deliver higher returns or manage risks more effectively than traditional market-cap-weighted indices, its effectiveness depends heavily on the features used as signals and their predictive power. This is where quantumrock’s innovative machine learning approach comes in.

Our ML algorithms are specifically designed for feature extraction in huge datasets, enabling us to identify features that are not humanly understandable but have high predictive power. By leveraging advanced AI and finance expertise, our models can identify more complex and dynamic characteristics with a high impact on future asset performances. In addition, our models can capture nontrivial, nonlinear, multidimensional, and fuzzy dependencies between features, which are hard to capture but show more significant signals than the raw data. By incorporating these signals into our factor investing strategies, we are able to achieve more accurate and precise predictions of future asset performance.

We also have built an intensive testing environment to ensure the quality of our identified patterns and to maximise the probability of future successful exploitation of the identified alpha. This includes various robustness checks, such as cross-validation and regularisation techniques. Finally, based on the signals retrieved from our ML models, we introduce another layer of optimised portfolio construction to ensure tradability. Our factor investing strategies are fully tailored to the specific needs and constraints of our clients, maximising the effectiveness of our approach according to their preferences and goals.

Quantumrock’s innovative approach to factor investing combines cutting-edge machine learning techniques with advanced finance expertise to deliver more accurate and effective investment strategies.

Portfolio Builder

quantumrock’s Portfolio Builder is a game-changer in the world of investment management. This cutting-edge roboadvisory platform offers a personalised investment experience to clients by generating fully automated portfolios based on their preferences. The platform leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, making it possible to create customised investment portfolios for each client.

One of the most significant benefits of the Portfolio Builder is that it offers clients a range of choices. Clients can choose their own investment universe and set fixed allocations into specific stocks to be included in their portfolios. They can also choose from a range of investment themes and styles, ensuring that their portfolio aligns with their values and investment preferences. In addition, the platform offers the choice of individual risk/return targets, enabling clients to create portfolios that are aligned with their risk/return preferences.

With quantumrock’s Portfolio Builder, clients receive personalised investment advice without the need for a human financial advisor. This means that clients can feel confident that their portfolio is customised to their individual preferences and investment rationales without having to personally implement complex investment strategies, ensuring that they receive the highest level of personalised service.

quantumrock’s Portfolio Builder truly lives up to the “robo” and the “advisor” in roboadvisor.