A New Viable Asset Class

The Luxembourg-based investment structures provide professional investors with a unique opportunity to invest in the value creation process of polishing gemstones, without the usual expenses and risks associated with acquiring unpolished stones, and with the goal of achieving attractive returns for investors in less than 24 months. Professional investors are able to participate through exchange-listed certificates.


quantumrock has emerged as a groundbreaking force in the financial sector, revolutionizing the landscape by introducing gemstones as a professional asset class. This move positions quantumrock at the forefront of financial innovation, drawing parallels with industry giants like State Street and BlackRock, who were the first to pioneer Gold ETFs in the early 2000s. quantumrock’s initiative is akin to the transformative introduction of ETFs for Gold in 2003, followed by Crude Oil and Silver in 2006, and subsequently Platinum and Palladium in 2010. Gemstones stand out in this illustrious lineage, presenting an intriguing and promising investment frontier. These precious stones are not only scarce and resistant to inflation, but they also boast a remarkable record of stability and attractive returns that span decades, even centuries. Uniquely, gemstones kindle a sense of passion, setting them apart from other asset classes.

This distinction is further highlighted by the stark contrast in their annual production compared to other commodities. Every year, the world sees the mining of approximately 3,000 tons of gold and 9-10 tons of diamonds, but only a mere 600 kilograms of gemstones are unearthed. This scarcity underlines the unique investment appeal of gemstones, making them a highly coveted asset.

Capitalizing on this potential, quantumrock has launched the inaugural exchange-traded product centered on gemstones, Rough Gemstone I, in September 2023 marking a significant stride in financial innovation. The company is actively working to scale this nascent asset class, with a target of reaching 1 billion USD in assets under management by the end of 2024. quantumrock is aiming to deploy up to 5 billion USD through their gemstone products in the near term, underscoring quantumrock’s commitment to establishing gemstones as a viable and compelling component of professional and institutional investment portfolios.

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Gemstones As An Asset Class

Gemstones Are A Compelling Asset

Ancient Asset Class

Gemstones have perpetually captivated humanity for millenia, thanks to their enduring allure, intrinsic worth, and inherent exclusivity.

Store of Value

Particularly high-quality gemstones have historically proven to be a resilient store of value, effectively serving as a potential tool against inflation.

Historically Compelling Returns

Certain gemstones, particularly those with limited availability, have demonstrated sustained appreciation in value over time.

Excellent Market Outlook

The gemstone market is expected to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years, driven by ever growing market demand, especially from emerging markets.

But, Access Is Very Challenging

Challenging Market Access

Access to rare and superior-quality gemstones is difficult and acquiring rough gemstones is virtually impossible for investors.

Capital & Expertise Required

The participation in the gemstone market necessitates access to substantial capital and a well-established network in the industry.

Lack of Investment Options

There has been a notable absence of investment options that successfully surmount the entry barriers and make gemstones an investable asset class.

Quality-related Risks

Gemstones demand profound expertise in gemmology and the gemstones industry to mitigate quality-related risks.

quantumrock Has Made This Opportunity Investable For The First Time.

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